Trust and Safety in Cross-Border E-commerce

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Trust and Safety in Cross-Border E-commerce- Course Objectives 

This is course assumes no prior knowledge of trust and safety in cross-border e-commerce except for content included the course titled “Introduction to the ecosystem of cross-border e-commerce.” This course seeks to provide a basic understanding of how platforms use a risk management and intellectual property protection mechanism called the PRCC to provide a safe and trustworthy trading environment for cross-border e-commerce buyers and sellers. 

By the end of this course, students will have a basic explanation of the following segments of the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem and their important role in digital global trade: 

  • The PRCC
  • Risk Management
  • Automated Mechanisms
  • Manual Mechanisms
  • 3rd Party Provided Services 
  • Intellectual Property Protection 

Students who complete this course will receive a certificate of successful completion. 


The estimated time for a student to complete this course: 2 hours